Reichstag Burning 1933,
Radio Breslau 1939,
Pearl Harbor 1941,
Operation Northwoods 1962,
Bay of Tonkin (Vietnam) 1964,
New York 9/11/2001,
London 7/7/2005.

All of these events served the same purpose: to provoke or to sustain a war. Like a game of 4 dimensional chess we can start to make the connections. The 1962 Northwoods document has all ingredients showing how to make an expert false flag operation. A blueprint, only to be adapted to each new event and circumstances.

In short: Propaganda, psychological warfare and patsies. They are the 3 P's already found in Hitlers Intelligence, and Operation Paperclip provided the human resources to it, where some 700 former SS specialists were recruited to form the basis for the CIA.

Some similarities are strikingly arrogant: in both the London Bombings as in the 9/11 event, there were training sessions based on the exact same scenario as the actual event, meaning: all personel needed for the stage was on site. All their minds were set for the event. But furthermore, it would cause immense confusion. Already in 1962 the US military talked about using fake airplanes and even radio-controled airplanes. Already in 1962 they talked about staged events Hollywood style.

Imagine how in 40 years technology has developed and what new technology could do.
Imagine the amount of bombs the US has dropped on Earth related to these events.
Imagine the amount of money being involved and how easy it is to make taxpayers pay.
Imagine the effects on the worldmarkets, spreading fear and conditioning the minds of virtually every person on this globe.
Imagine the hatred coming from propaganda and continuous exposure to violence (TV, computer war games).

It is a slow, but steady operation. Divide and Conquer. And there was more to come, Mumbai, Financial Market collapse...

All of this means, that this will be the Age of Truth: is President Obama the change for the good, or is he the change for even worse?

In conclusion:

When you look at a piece of classical music, when you look at the design of a complicated building, when you look at the plot of a really good movie or when you look at a painting, you'll see different structures, different lines, different accents, which, together make the whole thing come together as one. However, within strategic politics there's another level added to this complicated structure, it's the chess game. Together with psychology, mass psychology, propaganda techniques and hidden agenda's it becomes a "game" that most people can not understand and the easy way out is simply: denial.

When you break down the Northwoods document in it's structure(s) and elements you will find the blueprint of every other staged event the USA military has performed within the last, let's say, 50 years.

In 1962 they thought about "staged events", fake airplanes, remote controled airplanes, psychological games to trick the UN, the Cuban people, the media, the American people, etc.

Hitler did the same with the Reichstag. The same goes with Vietnam, and before that even Pearl Harbor. In their documents the New World Order (they have a website, P.N.A.C., "Project for the New American Century") spoke about "a new Pearl Harbor", being an event to trigger a war in Iraq/Iran.

In 2005 the London bombings had the same characteristics as 9/11: there were warnings before the attack (conditioning the minds of people involved), there were drills following the EXACT same scenario as what really happened, which caused immense confusion with everyone involved. There was a security company involved that also was attached to an explosives (demolition) company. The moment was politically very important because there was a lot of discussion going on about the withdrawal of British troops. Well, this goes on and on.

The age of internet and bare-secrecy gives an illusion of freedom of information. But where are the pictures from the 88 camera's around the Pentagon? Why did Bush "testify" without taking an outh (very Christian...) + without recorders + only together with his brother in crime + a biased commision (from the Bush Administration)?


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