"Ordo ab Chao"

Lately my mind has been troubled by the enormous variety in which our modern 21st century societies are being bombarded with the broadest kinds of attacks, organised both in time and place. There is an attack for everyone and instant gratification is guaranteed.

You're the spectacular kind of guy, we have 9/11 for you. You're the financial kind of guy, we have bail-outs, we have National Debt with 13 zero's, we have inflation like NAZI Germany.
You're the WW2 kind of guy, we have FEMA camps, long FEMA trains and Waffen SS, I mean FEMA SS training camps. You're the Gesundheit type of guy, we have any HN flu combination you like and will put heavy metals in our vaccines. We will even put fluoride in your drinking water.
You're a computer kind of guy, we have Y2K, we have virtual reality war games, we have viruses and internet spyware.
You're the conspiracy kind of guy, you can take a pick of let's say 3 of the above and knock yourself out. We even have made a few combinations for you already: we have created a Federal Reserve Bank that is not federal but private, and have a government that creates the National Debt for us, that brings 500 million dollar per day in intrest alone. We also have a government that puts legislation in place that protects flu vaccination fraud, from the producers of the designer flu, to the administration crew. We tricked you into buying cheap China made so OUR banks in China again sit perfectly in the middle of it all. We create corrupt salesmen, we create corrupt bureaucrats, we create wars, we just sit in the middle, we stay out of trouble...

My mind is troubled, because, when it walks like a duck, when it waggles like a duck, when it sneezes like a duck, when it looks like a duck, and, when it smells like a duck... well, I learned IT'S A DUCK. You can put a propaganda team on it saying that "when it walks like a duck, when it waggles like a duck, when it sneezes like a duck, when it looks like a duck, when it smells like a duck" is the mindframe of a conspiracy nut, but, that's what completes a conspiracy. The icing on the cake, the bolt in the nut, so to speak.

Remember John F. Kennedy? In the year before his death he named most of the above ingredients, including conspiracy, in such a precise order in various speeches, that today we can only conclude that he was killed for more than one reason. Yes, I believe the death of John F. Kennedy relates to the same banksters that stole the trillions of dollars, not only from the American people, but from all the people in the world that have corrupt governments creating National Debt. There is no need for the world to be in this mess. There is enough wealth in the world to make it a happy place for all. But, it is not so.

It is not so for a reason. David Rockefeller (a famous banker) explained it to us. He thinks this Earth can only handle so much people and in his corrupt mind (you know, power corrupts, and financial power corrupts financially, and...) he thought with his corrupt buddies they could solve this problem for us.

What problem? We don't have a problem, do we? Well, they'll create it for us. Not one problem, but any problem you can think of, to the effect of population reduction, and, whatever is left will be mentally crushed to the effect that an immense chaos will make them welcome order. Order, peace of mind, order, the New World Order.

For those of you who were courageous enough to read up to here, I have one more layer we need to look at: bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy was the machine that helped Hitler to meticoulously get a grip on his flock. He could pinpoint the Jews, he could pinpoint the smart asses who figured out his game, he could pinpoint who ever could form a threat to his power. In 50 years Hitlers ideas have been perfected into the RFID chip, a bureaucrat's wet dream, freedom's nightmare. The bureaucratic layers planted upon our societies are numerous and still growing; the Worldbank, the IMF, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the United States of America, the European Union.
Bureaucrats hold the capacity to fabricate fitting legislation, they hold the capacity to enforce it upon us, they hold the capacity to keep the information we need from us, they hold the capacity to give us information we don't need in the form of propaganda.

And the bottomline: the people pay for it, with tax money and their lives. "Ordo ab Chao", the order after the chaos.

I think I need a drink now.